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The Experience

A Working Property

A Unique

Farm Experience

Our family have been farming in the Thallon and Dirranbandi regions for 4 generations.

We think the rich and productive lands surrounding us are a pretty good place to live. We look forward to sharing this with you, giving you a glimpse into what we consider the best job in the world.

Whilst on the farm, you will get an insight into the origins of some of your most basic food items, from the bread you put in your toaster in the morning to the beer you enjoy at your local watering hole. 

During your stay at Lanarium Retreat, your group will be the only guests on the farm. The package is all-inclusive of activities, breakfast hampers, a gourmet sunset hamper, and a selection of beverages in fridge on arrival.

Living History

Things to do…

Some of the activities you might like to partake in during your Lanarium stay:


  • Take a ride on the  Yamaha Viking 3 seater buggy provided for you to explore and experience all that is on offer at Shirbar.
    View the Buggy Video Here

  • A bushwalk along the tracks that have been cleared through the native timber, spot some wildlife and wrap yourself in the sound of nothing but birdcalls and nature.


  • Yabbies for dinner anyone?  After a lesson, in how to set the yabbie traps from Paul, you’ll be able to catch and cook your very own meal of what we like to call the bush prawn.  If you’ve never tasted yabbies fresh out of the dam that very day you haven’t really lived!  Or if you’re an avid fisherman you can try catching them with a piece of meat on a string!


  • Select your spot to enjoy sunset drinks with your gourmet canapé hamper and experience the colours that only a western sunset can give.  We’ll have several sunset spots marked on the map such as ‘Sunset over the Wheat’ or ‘Sunset over the water’.  

  • The Campfire.  No trip to the bush is complete without a roaring campfire.  There is a firepit in the outdoor area at the house with a starter pack of firewood for your group to enjoy.


  • Damper on a Stick.  This is something we did as kids while out in the paddock with Dad. It was always a challenge to cook the damper inside well before the outside turned completely black. But either way the golden syrup you filled your damper with, when you took it off the stick made for memorable moments.  Damper mix, syrup and stick supplied……..and instructions. 

  • Stargazing.  The open undulating nature of Shirbar sets the perfect scene for studying the clear night skies.  Pack your chairs, some nibblies and drinks into your buggy and head up farm to one of the stargazing spots marked on your map, unpack your chair, grab a drink, take a seat and look up……….


  • Birdwatching.  The early mornings at Shirbar get a bit noisy around the house when the birds wake up but what a noise to wake up to.  Good birdwatching spots are marked on the farm map for those interested.


  • Self guided farm safari.  Pack the thermos and biscuits, grab the map and head out for a look around the farm.  Points of interest, what crops are planted and other happenings on the farm will be marked on the map with descriptions.  Take in the beautiful display of wildflowers during the warmer months and good seasons, they are spectacular at the moment.


  • Live Like A Local.  Head into The Thallon Pub (Hotel Francis) for dinner, meet the locals and our wonderful publicans, Wazza and Amanda.  No pokies, Keno or TAB just genuine folk in for a chat.    

  • Full Moon Rising, if you are fortunate enough to be at Shirbar during a full moon, watching the moon rise over the clear eastern horizon is nothing short of spectacular and a photographers dream. 

  • If rest and relaxation is your motto during your stay perhaps a few hours in the hammock under the back tree with a book will be your go to activity.

A Country  Adventure

Large highland cow with horns and calf
Large highland cow with horns and calf
Large highland cow with horns and calf

Places to see…


  • The Watering Hole mural on the grain silos
  • William the Wombat, Thallons own Giant Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat
  • ANZAC Memorial in the Thallon Town Park
  • Visitor Centre
  • Fishing on the banks of the Moonie River

St George

  • Riversands Winery
  • The Unique Egg
  • Balonne River Walk


  • Cubbie Station Cotton Tours
  • River and Rail Precinct


  • Nindigully Pub, est. 1864 is the longest continually licenced pub in Qld