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Keys to Enjoying Your Stay

Frequently asked Questions

Do you have an outdoor entertainment area?

Yes, we do, complete with a firepit, seating, festoon lighting, BBQ, benches and all utensils needed to cook up a storm. 

Do you have Foxtel?

No. There is no TV. 

Should I bring Insect Repellant

Yes, we have our fair share of mossies and bugs in general, insect repellant is a must have. 

Can we have bonfires?

Yes, bonfires are fine but only in the firepit provided. 

Do you have undercover parking?

Yes we do have undercover parking for 3 vehicles 

Do you allow pets?

Unfortunately we have a strict no-pet policy. While we have no doubt your pets are perfectly well-behaved, there is just too much precious wildlife and livestock on the property for us to risk it. 

Is there mobile service?

Not really, it is very weak at the house, you will pick up some service around the farm but it is not reliable. If you have Optus or an Aldi phone you won’t have any service at all. Telstra, you may have some chance. 

Is there Wi Fi?

Yes, but it is limited. This is used for Wi-Fi calling, as there is no mobile service, this is the only means we have of communicating with our guests at Lanarium and for you to contact us in case of need or emergency. 

What should I bring with me?

BYO snacks and lunches. It can get quite hot in summer so sunscreen, hats and long sleeve shirts are a good idea. Winters go the other way and can get quite cold so bring lots of warm clothes. Covered shoes are highly recommended when out and about. 

Are there any rules with the use of the buggy?

Yes, there are. These will be explained when you arrive and include the basics such as you must wear a helmet (provided), age limit of drivers, liability for damage etc…… 

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